Micro Barbi


b. 1986, HK.

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Barbara Amalia Carreño born in Valencia, Venezuela, 1982. 

Product Design, Graphic Designer and Toy artist. Today living in Philadelphia, PA. U.S. .

My name is Barbara Amalia Carreño, also known as Micro Barbi. I was born and raised by a British mother and a Venezuelan father in the tropical weather of South America in Valencia, Venezuela, where I graduated as a Graphic Designer developing a passion for creating. Furthermore I started designing and making hand made one-of-a-kind characters to express emotions and free my creative hands and mind. In 2010 I traveled to Barcelona, Spain to pursue my passion and dreams as a Toy-Artist. It was in Barcelona that I got to know many talented people who continue to inspire me every day. While living in Barcelona, I did many creative studies and participated in various collective and solo shows. I was also published in the book, “FULL OF CHARACTERS” After four years in Spain, I decided to continue my journey as a toy artist in the United States, where I established roots in Philadelphia, PA. I enrolled at Drexel University to expand my skills, enrich my creative mind, and become a Product Designer.


2019: Consell 81 EncopArte “ Expo Toys ”, Barcelona - Spain.

2019: Neurotitan Gallery “Pictoplasma”, Berlin - Germany.

2018: Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia - U.S.

2017: Historical Society of Phoenixville Area, Solo show, Philadelphia - U.S.  

2016: COLLAB "For kids only," Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia - U.S.  

2016: Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia - U.S.

2016: International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), NYC - U.S.

2013: “Tayner Boy – Custom Toy Show” at Sho Bcn Gallery, (two year exhibition of custom toys),  Barcelona – Spain.

2013: “Kamaleon – Art and object from Barcelona,” Barcelona – Spain.

2012: “Spare Room”, (collective exhibition – guest artist), Barcelona – Spain.

2012: “Studio Anays La Riva,” (collective exhibition), Barcelona – Spain.

2012: “Cryptshow Festival,” (collective exhibition), Barcelona – Spain.

2012: Book "Full of Characters,” Published next to many artists worldwide, distributed throughout Europe. (Link below)


2012: Brand “B:Y" Collaboration with Fashion Designer www.anayslariva.com silkscreened hand made one-of-a-kind clothing, Barcelona - Spain.

2011-2012: “Merengue Shop,” (2 years exhibition), Barcelona - Spain.

2011: “Designers Toy Awards,” Clutter Magazine, California, U.S. (4th finalist in Fans Favourite Toy of the Year).

2011: “Le Nerd du CDI’s”, (online gallery – collective exhibition).

2011: “This is so Contemporary,” (online gallery – exhibition of selected piece).

2011: “XVII Salon del Manga,” (guest artist and lecturer), Barcelona – Spain.

2011: “Exhibit of Collective Artists,” at Olokuti Gallery (one year exhibition), Barcelona – Spain.

2011: “Z-Axis Works,” at Sho Bcn Gallery, (one year exhibition of custom toys), Barcelona – Spain.

2011: “After Tea,” (guest artist), Barcelona – Spain.

2010: “XVI Salon del Manga,” Barcelona – Spain.

2010: “Inauguration of SPAI 27,” (one year exhibition), Barcelona – Spain.

2010: “El Nido 3,” Braulio Salazar Gallery (guest artist), Valencia – Venezuela.

2010: Hoy Art Gallery,” Exhibition Celebrating Chinese New Year of the Tiger", Valencia – Venezuela.

2010: “El Nido 2”, Braulio Salazar Gallery, Valencia, Venezuela.

2009: “Enfoques,” Exhibition Gallery Institute of Urology “I.D.U.”,Valencia- Venezuela.

2009: “Inventario de Garaje,” Museo Arturo Michelena, Valencia – Venezuela.

2009: “El Nido Creativo,” Museum of Culture, Valencia – Venezuela.

2005: “Teddys of Mt. Holly,” New Jersey – U.S.

For more information, CV or portfolio please contact Barbara Carreno. micro.barbi@gmail.com